Meet Our Ambassadors

GYROTONIC® Teacher and Pre-trainer
“With ELEMENTS it was love at first sight, I loved the colours and variety of straps they made. I ordered some and was blown away by the quality, they are beautifully made with great fabrics. I just knew that Australians would love them!
Since getting to know Ana better I have discovered a company that has a really beautiful heart, they look after employees, teachers and clients, always trying to assist teachers to be better teachers and clients to get the most out of their class. I love ELEMENTS and all they stand for.
My favourites are the Gyrotonic products, matching straps and bench covers…who could ask for more?!”
Certified Advanced Pilates Instructor
Kerry Shea is a Certified Advanced Pilates Instructor, Former Professional Ballet Dancer and now Ballet Coach. She holds two certifications in Pilates. The first through the contemporary approach, Stott Pilates. She is also proud to have been certified privately with a classical certification by Master Instructor and owner of Joseph Pilates original studio, Roberta Kirschenbaum.
Kerry graduated with a BFA in Ballet Performances from the University of Utah. She was a classical professional ballet dancer for 32 years, practiced Pilates for 28 years and has been teaching for 20 years. Her passion is guiding clients through holistic and mindful movement so they can enjoy their best quality of life.
Currently, Kerry resides in Charlottesville, Virginia where she’s teaching Pilates from her boutique studio as well as coaching and teaching ballet.

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