Our Ambassadors

“The quality of ELEMENTS is absolutely amazing.

I have finally found loops that feel and look great. I use ELEMENTS for all my reformer classes, groups and private clients.

I love these products so much that I have outfitted my entire studio and recommend them to everyone.”

photo credit: ImpactImages831
Galileo Master Trainer

As someone who adores a perfectly calibrated workout environment, the ELEMENTS straps have been the perfect accompaniment to my equipment. Whether I am using the perfectly fitted foot straps on my Gyrotonic tower or repurposing the shoulder straps to give my thighs additional resistance while driving muscle contractions on the Galileo, Ana’s exquisite taste in fabric and fit integrates my nervous system wholly with the weights and resistance I have chosen. 

No longer am I distracted with uncomfortable pressure on my hands, chafing skin, or having to constantly readjust elastic bands that are keeping generic, synthetic straps on my feet. 

Instead, I am fully focused on my workout. 

The best part about the Momentum World products is that they enhance your workout while making themselves invisible. 

Ana, I cannot thank you enough for the upgrade you have provided to my studio and to my own personal experience of exercise.

Esthee Wong, USA and Singapore

Certified GYROTONIC® Instructor

What I love the most about ELEMENTS straps is that I can take my own personal strap with me wherever I go for a workout.

Most of the standard straps are too big for my hands and feet. I was always struggling to grab the strap. But it is not just about the size. For me, it’s like bringing your own yoga mat to the studio: you know that you like it, that it is clean and comfortable, that it fits you just right.

You can even color-coordinate ELEMENTS straps and your outfits 🙂

Certified Advanced Pilates Instructor
Kerry Shea is a Certified Advanced Pilates Instructor, Former Professional Ballet Dancer and now Ballet Coach. She holds two certifications in Pilates. The first through the contemporary approach, Stott Pilates. She is also proud to have been certified privately with a classical certification by Master Instructor and owner of Joseph Pilates original studio, Roberta Kirschenbaum.
Kerry graduated with a BFA in Ballet Performances from the University of Utah. She was a classical professional ballet dancer for 32 years, practiced Pilates for 28 years and has been teaching for 20 years. Her passion is guiding clients through holistic and mindful movement so they can enjoy their best quality of life.
Currently, Kerry resides in Charlottesville, Virginia where she’s teaching Pilates from her boutique studio as well as coaching and teaching ballet.

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