News and Updates

16th November 2019

Change in prices for covers for the Tower benches

As of January 2020 all covers for Gyrotonic studio will be made per order. There are 11 colours to choose from and we will still offer a custom made service. The prices for Ultima, Cobra/Cobra Elite, European and BB benches will be increased for 15%.

20th March 2019

Ankle and Thigh Cuffs

Upon requests from our clients, we added the cuffs to ELEMENTS offer.

We thought that fleece lining might be more suitable for cuffs and for now, the colours are orange, pink, neon green and purple – link

Let us know your opinion.

3rd March 2019

Launching new products

Pre-order your Cover for European and BB Gyrotonic Tower and LEU benches – link

Shoulders straps are already available – link

Cuffs are coming soon!

1st March 2019

Small increases in prices

Please note that we had to make a decision to increase the price of a few items and the cost of the postage. This is due to changes in the economy at both the local and the global level.

1st Feb 2019

See you at PMA19

Super excited to announce that we will be in Monterey for at PMA19 Conference. We will introduce new ELEMENTS for both Pilates and GYROTONIC® studios. Looking forward to meeting you there!

15 Jan 2019

Purple Rainbow is back in stock!

If you have missed on Purple Rainbow straps, they are back in stock and we now have Pilates Double Loops too. Enjoy doing your Pilates!

Pilates Loop and Roll
Pilates Double Loop
Purple Rainbow Pilates Single Loop Straps
Pilates Single Loop