Our Ambassadors

Sean Bergara ELEMENTS Ambassador

Sean Bergara, California, USA

Ecore Fitness Studio Owner and Pilates Teacher

“The quality of ELEMENTS is absolutely amazing.

I have finally found loops that feel and look great. I use ELEMENTS for all my reformer classes, groups and private clients.

I love these products so much that I have outfitted my entire studio and recommend them to everyone.”

Domini Anne ELEMENTS Ambassadors

photo credit: ImpactImages831

Domini Anne

Galileo Master Trainer


As someone who adores a perfectly calibrated workout environment, the ELEMENTS straps have been the perfect accompaniment to my equipment. Whether I am using the perfectly fitted foot straps on my Gyrotonic tower or repurposing the shoulder straps to give my thighs additional resistance while driving muscle contractions on the Galileo, Ana’s exquisite taste in fabric and fit integrates my nervous system wholly with the weights and resistance I have chosen.

No longer am I distracted with uncomfortable pressure on my hands, chafing skin, or having to constantly readjust elastic bands that are keeping generic, synthetic straps on my feet.

Instead, I am fully focused on my workout.

The best part about the Momentum World products is that they enhance your workout while making themselves invisible.

Ana, I cannot thank you enough for the upgrade you have provided to my studio and to my own personal experience of exercise.

Iris ELEMENTS Ambassadors

Iris, Xiamen, China

Founder and Owner of T.T. Pilates

Polestar Pilates® Educator


Esthee Wong, USA and Singapore

Certified GYROTONIC® Instructor

Kerry Shea ELEMENTS Ambassadors

Kerry Shea, USA

Certified Advanced Pilates Instructor