ELEMENTS bring colours to your studio

Turquoise Cover for Gyrotonic Tower Bench in Use
ELEMENTS are in-house designed and made straps, handles, belts, covers for benches, pillowcases and pouches in beautiful colours from carefully chosen materials. Our fabrics are pleasant to touch, absorbent, breathable and machine washable. All ELEMENTS are made with attention to detail. Everyone in the team is guided by principals that help deliver functional, comfortable and beautiful products.
We believe everyone should have personal sets of loops and covers for the bench at GYROTONIC® studio. 
There is a wide range of ELEMENTS in different colours, shapes, widths and thickness of straps to suit particular tastes, body sizes and support various fitness levels while practising a movement.

All ELEMENTS are created to work with you and enable you to focus on the movement and enhance the result of your practice.
Play with colours to suit your mood or a special occasion, you can lift or blend the existing tones at your studio or combine a few contrasting colours. See our Look Book for ideas.