Cover for GYROTONER® seat


These are made-to-order items

We will be in touch shortly after receiving your order asking for the dimensions.





A touch of luxury for your GYROTONER® seat. Protection for a new seat or a cover for those that have been in use for a while.

The covers are made from:

  • cotton-mix – soft, stretchy, breathable and permeable.
  • wipeable-silicone leather – high-tech leather-like material, beautiful hand feel, non-elasticated, non-permeable and resistant to repetitive spraying with a disinfectant. Can stay in place long term, like upholstery only better as it can be taken off and washed once in a while and/or swapped for a different colour to keep your studio look refreshed.

Covers look neat and sharp when on the seats. There will be additional 4 ties for under the seat to keep a cover in place.

We will ask you for the dimensions

There are many varieties of the GYROTONER®, we will make a cover per the dimensions you give us.

Please use CM (centimeters) as it’s a more accurate way to measure.

We need the diameter and the thickness of the seat.

For the diameter measure across the middle and top edge to edge only.

For the thickness measure at a few places and give us the biggest measure.

Our team is available to assist you via phone or video calls.

All covers are made per order and are not refundable.





All ELEMENTS are machine washable on cold setting with detergent for coloured fabric.

When used as personal, ELEMENTS can be washed together with your activewear.

When used by studios, we recommend washing all ELEMENTS together and as often as needed.

WIPEABLE covers and straps

Regularly wipe using disinfectant and warm water to remove disinfectant, then dry. Always using softs clothes and pressing gently. They can be OCCASIONALLY machine washed on cold setting with mild detergent.



Soft cloth products (covers, cases, pouches) can be tumble dried.

Medium setting, use the same as you would for your activewear.

Straps and handles can also be dried in a tumble dryer-however, we do not recommend as D-rings might make unnecessary noise or damage the machine.

Air-drying time will depend on the products, but also the way the products have been washed and rinsed.

WIPEABLE covers and straps

Air dry.



If ironing is needed, please use medium setting for both temperature and steam.


Regular maintenance will prolong the fresh and colourful look of your ELEMENTS.

ELEMENTS have not been tested for dry cleaning.

Please note that Momentum World Ltd DOES NOT take any responsibility for any kind of body injuries or equipment damage while using ELEMENTS. By purchasing and using ELEMENTS, You (the user) are agreeing to use the ELEMENTS at your own risk and responsibility.