Foot Ys and Roll Handles


    This set has:

    • Foot Y straps
    • Roll Handles

    All straps can be used in multiple ways and with various equipment: Pilates, GYRPTONIC®, Garuda, ladders


    ELEMENTS Foot Y Loop Straps are excellent for Pilates foot in springs exercises. They fit close to the foot and ankle, provide much more support and a sense of safety than single-loop straps and give you the freedom to fully flex and point your foot. Also great for around the foot in 90/90; for extra comfort, we suggest turning them upside down.

    They are super comfortable around the elbow in the Gyrotonic method and for leg exercises facing the Tower while sitting on the floor.

    Easy and fast to put around clients’ feet and most importantly they make a big difference in clients’ performance.

    The difference between wide and narrow options is in the width of the ribbon and wide loops fit and feel better on larger feet.



    ELEMENTS Roll Handles are colourful and comfortable to use. Using roll handles instead of loops helps you to fully concentrate on your arms alignment and movement. No more unpleasant chafing.

    Our rolls have a long lasting spongy foam coat made from rubber polymer. The coating is thick enough to provide a sinking-in effect and thin enough to let you feel the firmness of the roll base and get feedback while using it.

    Standard size handles options have additional thinner ribbon on the sides as the lining that creates air cushions for soft touch. This is the part that touches the sides of your hands.

    Large size Roll Handles were initiated by Sean Bergara. Created for large size hands. Made with wider ribbon and large rolls: 13.5 cm long and 11 cm in circumference.

    ELEMENTS Roll Handles can be used on Pilates Reformers, Cadillacs, Trapeze tables, wall units and also Gyrotonic equipment.

    Roll Handles should be used with springs and pulleys. A pair of standard Roll Handles can support weight pull up to 120kg, a pair of Large Roll Handles can support the weight up to 180kg. Please note, if attached to a static holder and pulled aggressively roll might break.

    ELEMENTS straps and roll handles are sold in pairs.


    All ELEMENTS are machine washable on cold setting with detergent for coloured fabric.

    When used as personal, ELEMENTS can be washed together with your activewear.

    When used by studios, we recommend washing all ELEMENTS together and as often as needed.

    WIPEABLE covers and straps

    Regularly wipe using disinfectant and warm water to remove disinfectant, then dry. Always using softs clothes and pressing gently. They can be OCCASIONALLY machine washed on cold setting with mild detergent.



    Soft cloth products (covers, cases, pouches) can be tumble dried.

    Medium setting, use the same as you would for your activewear.

    Straps and handles can also be dried in a tumble dryer-however, we do not recommend as D-rings might make unnecessary noise or damage the machine.

    Air-drying time will depend on the products, but also the way the products have been washed and rinsed.

    WIPEABLE covers and straps

    Air dry.



    If ironing is needed, please use medium setting for both temperature and steam.


    Regular maintenance will prolong the fresh and colourful look of your ELEMENTS.

    ELEMENTS have not been tested for dry cleaning.

    Please note that Momentum World Ltd DOES NOT take any responsibility for any kind of body injuries or equipment damage while using ELEMENTS. By purchasing and using ELEMENTS, You (the user) are agreeing to use the ELEMENTS at your own risk and responsibility.