Iris and T.T. Pilates

Meet Iris,


Pilates teacher who helped me to avoid a surgical intervention and return to a pain free life after suffering cervical discs herniation. It took about 18 months of a 5 hours per week Pilates practice combined with hours of professional medical therapy to get my body back to what used to be it’s normal strength and shape for daily life.  Two years on, I still think that I made the best choice. The alternative was a “promised” fast and easy (and costly) solution offered by a neurosurgeon in Lima, Peru.


I’ve met Iris at her studio in Xiamen, China. A beautiful, tall Chinese young woman, quiet and observant. Her English was good enough to for us to understand each other (I spoke no Chinese) but anyway, not much talking was needed. At her level of expertise Iris knew how to approach and start my recovery. No prognosis or promises, just doing the best for a situation we had at the time.
Iris is devoted to helping on personal level. Her continuous professional education increases the quality of her interaction with people and builds that quiet confidence and wisdom that only a true healer has. She started as a Yoga practitioner and teacher, then took on Pilates (and still uses it as a primary rehabilitation method) followed by Gyrotonic method certification, manual myofacial therapy and more.
Iris hosts trainings and workshops at her T.T.Pilates studios. I took the opportunity to start learning more about both Pilates and Gyrotonic method. Living in Xiamen, connecting with my body and having time to observe life in and around me, brought me a new carrier and a new life. Thank you Iris!
…to be continued
Ana, the Founder of Momentum World Company
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