Do you deliver to my country?

We use DHL and SF delivery service and are currently working on including all countries and territories onto our shipping price list, visible on Shopping Cart and Checkout Pages.

In case we still don’t have an automated shipment cost calculation for your location, the message we appear prompting you to get in touch with us. Please drop us a quick message and we will assist you asap.

Lastly, if your location is not serviced by either one of the two companies we will look into other delivery options for you.

Can I use ELEMENTS straps on my reformer?

If your current straps are linked with ropes using a clip clasps, you can do the same with ELEMENTS straps.

If your reformer has straps attached directly to the ropes, please see this video.

In case you need the clip clasps we can help you with this too. They are not shown in the Shop, please ask us for those in a separate message.

How to choose my ELEMENTS?

Personal straps – Instant love

If you love colour at first sight – this is a great start!

Next, think about your practice; Pilates, Gyrotonic or both. There is a perfect option for you for each apparatus based on your size and level of fitness. Please see the individual product description, where important we mentioned foot size as guidance.
If you are in doubt, please contact us or ask at your studio.

ELEMENTS for Studios

As we offer a wide range of colours it might get overwhelming at times. Make it fun!

The best thing is that we created removable covers and a great variety of straps. By choosing a few sets of colours your covers will last longer and you can create a different ambience of your studio, refresh it and enhance dynamics of your classes. You will provide the most comfortable practice to your clients when you offer them straps that fit them and give them ether support or an extra challenge.

We are happy to answer your questions and assist you with your choice. Leave a comment on a product page or get in touch

How long will my ELEMENTS last for?

This is hard to predict and will depend on:
– how busy your studio is or how often you use your own ELEMENTS
– which washing detergent you use
– how often or not you wash them

The best is not to wait until you start seeing the signs of use on the products before washing them. ELEMENTS love water! We recommend you set the maintenance routine once a week or once a fortnight.
Some people have more impact on wear and tear of the items they use, some people have less impact. We could make a comparison with clothing or shoes and apply the same to ELEMENTS.