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As someone who adores a perfectly calibrated workout environment, ELEMENTS straps have been the perfect accompaniment to my equipment. Whether I am using the perfectly fitted foot straps on my Gyrotonic tower or repurposing the shoulder straps to give my thighs additional resistance while driving muscle contractions on the Galileo, Ana’s exquisite taste in fabric and fit integrates my nervous system wholly with the weights and resistance I have chosen.
No longer am I distracted with uncomfortable pressure on my hands, chafing skin, or having to constantly readjust elastic bands that are keeping generic, synthetic straps on my feet.
Instead, I am fully focused on my workout.
The best part about the Momentum World products is that they enhance your workout while making themselves invisible.
Ana, I cannot thank you enough for the upgrade you have provided to my studio and to my own personal experience of exercise. You are a dedicated, compassionate genius. Keep it up!

Domini Anne

WOW!! “Is All I Can Say when I tried these Straps from Momentum”, I was training a client on the Chain Series From the Archway Course in my studio. He decided to put up a set of chains inside his own home and asked me where I got my “double loop” straps,,(of course from GT headquarters),, Well, he went online and “MOMENTUMWORLD popped up and He bought a pair and brought them in to see if I liked them,, AND I DID!! I am so Glad he did!! BECAUSE The DESIGN,,AND THE COMFORT of these NEW Straps are INCREDIBLE! If you want an UPGRADE TO YOUR GYROTONIC EQUIPMENT,,I would Choose a set of “DOUBLE LOOP” (for your hands,,Feet too). BUT the “Y LOOP” Is PERFECT for your FEET,,AND The “SINGLE LOOP” is So Excellent for Your Shoulders, Knees and Inner Thighs!! REALLY WORTH THE INVESTMENT, If you looking for an UPGRADE, This is the way to go!!! You & YOUR Clients will APPRECIATE!!!

Guy Nicknair

I first ordered matching sets for all my studio reformers from Ana two years ago this month, just when she was starting her business. I thought the roll in the center of the loop would be perfect to keep the hand/wrist in line with the forearm during exercises and it is! My clients and I made the transition together and it was a pleasant and positive switch from the industry standard. The straps are extremely durable and easy to keep clean, two years later and they are all in great condition. I’ve since expanded my studio and added equipment and have ordered additional sets of straps, I have to say, the neoprene is my favorite because it is super smooth and silky feeling. Do yourself a favor and give these products a try, I have no doubt you will see the benefits my clients and I have experienced. Ana and her concepts are simply amazing, she has a true gift for innovation where movement is concerned. Happy day to you, friends!

Jennifer Heese

I was looking for wipeable covers for the equipment and straps and they made THE BEST covers ever! All custom made and great value for the price! Super fast and precise! The best equipment covers ever, very easy to clean in between clients and safe for each person to use!
I recommend all the products!

Roberta D'Apuzzo

I’ve been looking around for wipeable straps for my Gyrotonic pulley tower and found these. Bought the medium ones and it’s almost the same size as the original ones provided by Gyrotonic.
Great for cleaning right after every class without worrying about damp straps as it dries up quickly unlike the ones with fabric. Clean and hygienic, especially important with Covid 19 lingering around.


I was considering reupholstering my machines for several years now. As I had purchased some fabrics to decide, a friend in the GYROTONIC world told me to check with Elements first. When I saw the products, I immediately ordered one cover for my pulley tower. It arrived quickly and the fit was perfect, the material as described, soft, durable and machine washable. I received a message from the owner Ana and from there, I decided to order more. Ana called me and we did measure my machines to get the best fit possible. I then ordered the wipeable covers. Those took 2 -3 weeks and when those arrived, not only was it the color I wanted, it was everything and more than what I expected. Ana then phoned to check how the order was and how the fit was. An excellent job & craftsmanship and the personal touch Ana gives to her company makes it so easy. My machines look beautiful, my studio is brighter now that all the black fabric has been covered. I love how they feel and that everything can be put in the washing machine…Excellent!
Wishing everyone at Elements much continued success! I will be ordering more in the future for sure! Thank You Ana!!!

Leslie Anne Domittner/Cardona

Great value and useful in covid time. The wipeable handles are the best to use, soft and smooth.
After each client, I can wipe them with alcool and this makes them safer the use for the next one!
The best product!

Roberta D'Apuzzo

I am very pleased with the quality, and prompt attention with receiving my order. I am so glad to have found this company. Ana is wonderful with suggestions and thoughts which I truly appreciate.

Myrna Johnson

I much prefer holding handles rather than straps so I purchased the Pilates Loop and Roll with Rope in neoprene for my Allegro II and I absolutely love it. It is not only fabulous quality but so much nicer to use than the double loops that came with the Allegro. Delivery was so fast too. Thanks for a great product.

Donna-marie Macpanas

I have ordered straps and a Gyrotonic® Tower cover from ELEMENTS by Momentum World and everything has been superb. Clients have ordered straps to bring as well and love them. The cover is exactly as described – soft, wipeable and the fit is perfect. It was the perfect solution to providing a surface that can be cleaned regularly and still maintain its comfort of use.

Lisa Roche

I love the Elements handles/straps! I ordered multiple sets and they are top quality! They ship quickly and customer service is great!


Love all these products. As a Pilates instructor I have been purchasing these straps for a few years and sending my clients here for personal loops. I especially love the loop and roll version for a more authentic feel to the upper body hands in straps exercises. My clients with sensitive wrists or thumb joints have success with the loop and roll. I also really like the y-straps for feet in straps for my clients with foot or ankle issues. The fuzzy loops with d ring are also very comfortable for the ankle strap hamstring and rocking exercises. Quality and timely service.
Highly recommend this company and her products.

Cara B

I have been meaning to post about my second purchase of covers and straps/slings for my Gyrotonic equipment and I am very happy with everything. They are all soft, the wide sling is super soft and they are great support for the body no matter what you use them for. The wing master cover is great, I don’t feel any difference when I use it against my spine, which is great too. The small Y loops narrow are soft, pliable, comfortable for the hands and easy to keep clean.
I am happy with all I have and highly recommend these products.
The service care and attention to detail are wonderful and it is such an easy experience to work with this company!

Leslie Anne Domittner-Cardona

Elements has been providing me with impeccably tailored custom made covers, straps, & beautiful, one of a kind, long lasting since  2017.


With ELEMENTS it was love at first sight, I loved the colours and variety of straps they made. I ordered some and was blown away by the quality, they are beautifully made with great fabrics. I just knew that Australians would love them!
Since getting to know Ana better I have discovered a company that has a really beautiful heart, they look after employees, teachers and clients, always trying to assist teachers to be better teachers and clients to get the most out of their class. I love ELEMENTS and all they stand for.
My favorites are the Gyrotonic products, matching straps and bench covers…who could ask for more?!

Caro Keatings

It feels so soft when you hold it. Your grip is stable and the material is so gentle and because of design it lays in your hand just perfectly.


Loving the ease of putting the covers on my gyrotonic equipment, the covers are sleek and elegant looking yet protect the machines and are washable! a really nice way to make your studio look high end and organized, and a great way to protect your delicate benches and surfaces. Ana is so lovely and easy to deal with! Highly recommend!


I have ordered combo straps, handles and covers for a pillow. The quality is perfect, this is my second order at Momentum (before I bought a present for my friend, who is Pilates instructor and she liked it a lot).
The colours are very bright and the quality is amazing! Would definitely recommend it.

Katia Kuleshova

The width of the strap is broad and sturdy enough thus very supportive when using it for Iyengar yoga practices.


I have been to Pilates studios all over Asia and the US, and these are the best straps I have ever used. They not only improve my practice with their comfort and durability (I love that they never cut into my hands or feet), but they also increase my aesthetic experience- I love the color and style they bring to my practice. I never thought I would be a “strap” snob, but, I am now! I can’t recommend Elements products more highly, they’re really worth it.

Rebecca L

These straps with built in roll handles are so much better than double loops for my Pilates clients with wrist or hand issues.
I had a client that has had a nerve severed and the traditional straps hit her right at her surgical repair site. I had her try the handle/strap combo and it took all the pressure off her injury and she was able to resume Pilates workouts.
I also like that the handle is the right length ratio with the strap for hands and feet in straps exercises.
I have had clients test mine and are now ordering their own.

Cara Bonney

This is a simple sling that fits on both sides of any mat and you will be able to take many trips to the studio without worrying about how to carry your mat. It is a durable strap that will help you when you want to get some stretch out of the strap and also you can do very well to use this one because it has the D ring that you can use to adjust everything. Not to forgot the colours which are vibrant and uplifting and give you extra inspiration and motivation once you are in a yoga pose. Well done!

Marija Miric

How lovely to have something that is soooo comfortable, great quality… and the colors!!! also, personally I don’t like using something everyone is handling, to have my own personal straps is highly important.. Elements, I love your product, thank you!

k. renaud

I bought the straps as I loved the colours – but wow, they are comfortable! My clients have all commented on how comfortable the straps are and the colours really lift the reformer studio. I wish I’d bought new straps earlier!

Libby Teale

The very best Straps & Handles – they are tactile, conformable & the clients love them
Simply the best!

Alison Beecham

They gave me added motivation 😃


As soon as you try these straps you will immediately feel a difference to the regular straps that come with the equipment. They feel lighter, and their extra comfort means that you almost don’t notice you have straps on. As a trainer myself, I love these and so do all my clients. Thanks ELEMENTS!

Chris Darmanin

I have a home studio. Ana & her team @ momentumworld were both communicative & intuitive about my request for a white Gyrotonic Bench Cover. They also went above and beyond by offering a white cover for the Lollipop Back Rest! Beautifully crafted & long lasting. I can not imagine my equipment without the specially designed covers.


I came from Hong Kong to Xiamen to take my Polestar Reformer exam and was pleasantly surprised with not only a new and spacious studio but Allegro Reformers I used for my practice and also the beautiful loops. What impressed me the most about these loops was the soft inner lining with perfect balance between comfort and control while looking refreshing and stylish from the outside. It was a small detail that gave me a feeling of being special and in control and I enjoyed the movements and passed the exam like a breeze. I now have my own pair of loops and they bring me extra joy for every pilates training.

Maja Minic

In my Pilates studio we use beside the typical double loop (one small and one large loop) also Gyrotonic loops and Y-loops from Balanced Body. I bought additional loops for my stretching classes. The feedback of my customers was extremely positive because they love the softness of the loops.