ELEMENTS for Pilates Studios

ELEMENTS for Gyrotonic Studio

Sharp ‘n’ Neat

If you like your studio to look bold and be tidy, ELEMENTS bench covers will do the magic. Perfectly cut. Non sliding. Machine wash and dry. Play with colours and create various mood sets. See the LookBook for inspiration
Small Y Straps for Hands and Small Feet use for Pilates and Gyrothonic Method

Yoga Belts

Hand Finished

ELEMENTS are made with dedication and love. Our belts have soft edges, achieved by hand made fringes.

How to choose the size of your Double Loops?

Small and Extra Small loops are made for feet in straps/springs.

Do you like them snug or just around your ankles? It’s your preference and your choice!

We suggest you to measure from the centre front of your ankle to the centre back of your hill, as shown on the photo.The loops are soft and bendy, but they do not stretch. Most of XS double loops are also narrower. Please read about the details in product description.

The other sizes Medium, Large and Extra Large we suggest for around the calves and tights or actually, for what suits you most.