Intuitively created, most comfortable straps for Pilates class. ELEMENTS by Momentum World
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Pilates Loop and Roll Straps: Personal and for Studios

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ELEMENTS are premium quality straps, belts and covers for Pilates and GYROTONIC® studios.

Designed and made by our team.

ELEMENTS enhance your practice

Be comfortable, feel safe, and have full focus on your body and breathing

Feel deeper and reach further in your movement

Dress up your studio and enjoy the difference!


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ELEMENTS Inspired by GYROTONIC® Method



Our wipeable covers in black colour with GYROTONIC® logo are now available form


Double Loops in 4 different lengths 

XS, S,  M  and L

ELEMENTS were born from the idea that we all should have personal straps for Pilates and Gyrotonic classes to enhance the practice and have even better exercising experience.

In the set up where a studio should provide their clients with straps they should match the exercise and clients needs.

We offer you four different Double Loops: XS – Extra Small shortest in length and narrow width; S – Small, M – Medium and L – Long in 3 more lengths and wider in width.

The loops are soft and bendy. For personal use, choose a pair based on your level of fitness and resistance or weights that you currently use. Cotton and fleece-lined are lighter then neoprene-lined straps.


Cotton-mix lined, Small Double Loop strap on the left and Extra Small Double Loop strap on the right

Faux Fur, Extra Small Double Loops 

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Latest Addition

Fine-tune your practice with our Ambassadors

Sean’s innovative, fresh ideas are created to improve your practice.Learn new variations detailed for all levels.

Sean Bergara ELEMENTS Ambassador

Sean Bergara

Domini Anne

“I believe that when you feel free in your body, you ARE free. That moving our bodies is one of the most basic forms of expression we have. That the vibration of our grace in motion creates its own imprint on the world, and that the harmonization of these things can bring us closer to inner and outer peace.”