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For the Love of Fleece   –   Plush Fleece in Grey, Black and Ivory


New Extras for the Cadillac Playground

Grips for Bars

The solution for hard and slippery metal bars on Pilates Cadillac is here! Just drape the Grips for Bars over the bars or wrap them around a few times to get an even thicker and softer cushion for your grip.

Cuffs for bars

Your new “eye hooks” wherever you need them alongside the bars. Be it a vertical or a horizontal bar, those non-sliding Cuffs for Bars will help you create the perfect position for the springs or the ExtensionsClose them tightly around the bar. They can hold up to 140kg (22 stone)



Our solution for that extra length in setting the perfect resistance or strap length for your client. 

They can be easily attached to eye hooks on your Cadillac, Fuse Ladder or our Cuffs for Bars. Use a carabiner or a swivel clip end depending on your needs. 


ELEMENTS  Inspired  by GYROTONIC® Method

ELEMENTS  Inspired

by GYROTONIC® Method


There is a perfect pair of Double Loops for each of us

     Double loops are a real game changer!

Super comfortable and supportive.

They move with you and only help you do any movement to your best potential.

Choose the option to match your foot and leg size and ENJOY!

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Aimee Challies

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Michael Karagiorgos

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